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It Stains the Sands Red poster

It Stains the Sands Red

A girl named Molly poorly understood what was happening in the surrounding world. Suddenly emerged from the virus that began to turn people into bogomerzkih creatures that resembled the film zombies. These heinous types create not simply made of people, and ate them, leaving only the skeletons, and those who managed to survive, they were not happy with this, because soon turned and jumped in search of human flesh. Molly was aWare only that it was necessary to quickly get away from civilization, where these creatures had the most, and when her boyfriend Nick said that he has a friend Jimmy, who could deliver them to the Islands, where it was possible to live quietly and don't be afraid to for his life, Molly jumped at the offer. She jumped with Nick in his car, began a journey full of dangers.

Many hours have passed since heroes went on a trip, but so far they have not seen a single person, they also were not machines. And when Molly asked her boyfriend to stay because she became ill, Nick obeyed, but when Molly found herself once again in the cabin, auto will not budge because, stuck in the sand. Here's the heroine and noticed a lone traveller, who went straight to them, a bit staggering. First Nick thought that this ordinary man, but then he realized that it was a zombie. No attempt to shoot this guy dead man walking was not successful. Nick soon eaten by the zombie, and Molly will have to fight for survival, escape from this monster. What it will not only take but zombies don't wish to otcepitsja from her heroine later realizes that this creature all this time found its smell.
Brittany Allen, Juan Riedinger, Merwin Mondesir, Kristopher Higgins, Andrew Supanz
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32 9

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