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Triple 9 poster

Triple 9

Simple guy Chris Allen has been working in the New York City Police Department for particularly serious Crimes, and over the years has seen quite a lot all the Tin, which could discourage the desire to continue service on the side of the law. But he still wants to change the world for the better and trying to perform their duties honestly. One day he entrust to investigate one offence, and in joining the Chris appoint colleague Markus Belmont, with whom they have a very good relationship. Every day a policeman sees a different side of New York City, which has long been drowned in the Crimes.

Its task is to survive and return home in the evening to the family. But the investigation entrusted to the case becoming a real challenge for Chris because it involved not only gangsters, but and sale provorachivajushhie cops their dirty deeds under the guise of law. While some guard order, others are planning a major robbery. And that all went according to plan, a thoughtful, corrupt police should resort to murder a colleague to the code three nines, the murder of policeman at the Crime scene, gathered all the outfits of the city, thereby ensuring a red herring for the robbers.
Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie, Woody Harrelson, Aaron Paul
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