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Brad's Status poster

Brad's Status

Brad has achieved much in his life, but lately his tormented by anguish. The protagonist is sure that he has not been able to achieve in life what must be a man in his years. The man was already forty-seven years. It is not the most successful people on the planet, but has a decent status. Brad lives together with a beautiful and loving wife. He goes to work, which he had aversion — on the contrary, its activity it is interesting and always a pleasure.

Brad was able to educate his son a decent man. Son Troy successfully graduated from high school with excellent marks and soon he becomes a student of the prestigious College. It would seem that can bother Brad? Many men will never be able to reach family and a good career. But the thought is constantly bedeviled by the head of the main character — they drive him into a corner and make sure that all the agreement reached has not the slightest sense.
Ben Stiller, Austin Abrams, Jenna Fischer, Michael Sheen, Jemaine Clement
82% 18%
9 2

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