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In an alternate reality version of vampires walk the Earth on a par with people and biracial feuding for centuries. People are stymied by their very little left, but vampires can't stand sunlight and hope to win over them still alive. In these circumstances, the supreme power in the world belongs to the Church, which has set up a special order "pastors"-strong soldiers trained in combating vampires.

Very soon the Actions of shepherds brought expected results: humans and vampires are reversed, and the remaining blood suckers were placed in reserve. Pastors that their power was threatened even ecclesiastical authority, were sent on rest. But they are still alive and ready to fight. Vampires are not asleep, too: they are preparing a new offensive, and administered by the Queen. Once one of the pastors know that vampires kidnapped his niece and killed other relatives. Violating Church rules, Shepherd is sent to rescue the girl. His revenge will be terrible and fatal.
Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, Lily Collins
83% 17%
44 9

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